Linux works like a charm over AMD-A10 (HP G6-2313ax)

Here what you guys have to do to install the required APU (CPU + GPU) drivers, and make more out of it.

1. First Download the latest Linux (.run) driver for your graphic card from amd official Site.    Then execute  following commands.

2. ATI/ATI Hybrids

As of Catalyst 11-8, switching between two ATI cards (and maybe Intel/ATI muxless too?) is supposed to be doable, though I don’t know if that applies to all ATI/ATI hybrids or only the muxless ones. One would use amdconfig’s PowerXpress options to switch back and forth between the integrated and discrete cards, like so:

After switching, one would log out and back in to restart X.

To restart X-Servers : Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to restart X.

3. Install Jupiter (For extending battery life and protecting your precious device from overheating):


Have a look at it : 

  • Aurabindo J

    How good is it without the proprietary graphics ?

  • Tushar Kant Verma

    Some heating issues, and hardware unavailability had been observed.. so its better to go with proprietary graphics