An Internal WAR!

I think it happens with most of us, my target with this post is to let others know how you dealt with it.

I am actually a kind of day dreamer, who see world in his own way. Every individual have different opinions about something, but at times you are forced to go with one and take further actions, this we call it as “decision”. And for that decision we runs a set of test cases to see if such decision can lead the whole system in a faulty state Or will it end up in a better state. I know this can never be in stable state since we are just humans. And our races will never ever reach to a point where we can say “I am stable”


I know it sounds extremely odd and out of sync words for all, I will try my level best to further explain it.

Its going to be a small story of my life as an engineer. I think my whole life is a system that is composed of not only meat-n-bone but also chain of decisions. This system is derived by my mind (n heart sometimes). Mind is like the decision maker which takes the final call. But but but, on what basis it makes those decisions?
To take any action I imagine all the characters involved in the story as my minds personal computing entities who all works together to achieve a common goal, sounds like distributed system in which every node is doing something which is totally different from others. Let me write what is current state of every node in my system right now:

Node 1
You r the only one left in the whole team (reasons of-course I can’t disclose in front of whole world, but I must like to add I am very glad to work with such knowledgable and helpful team), can you handle all those multiple projects which was managed by the complete team?

Node 2
Hmm I have a good understanding of complete system, so I think by conservatively prioritising every task I can manage, or round robin might help. At this point of time my debugging skills can play a vital role since all the coding part is already done its just the deployment thing which is remaining. And yes unknown bugs fixes, if any. (Actually we are on verge of new version launch and for a product based firm this matters a lot). Ok fine, Do we have other options?

Node 1
No we don’t. But there are other teammates around who can help you out with tasks.


Node 3
That depends if new teammate require a bit of handholding or not. Actually we do need a good debugger and a bit of hacker to find and fix probable bugs in the system. (Finding a fault in non mature system is very easy then actually fixing it)

Node 1
Fine in anyways we have to do it, its not just about company its about being an engineer as well. So lets do this by burning out every core of all our engineering nodes.

E Node n
Well we are ready but managerial nodes are kind of stopping us.

M Node n
We are responsible for full-filling tushar’s needs and demands. E Nodes were utilized at its best since the project launch, so we were in an impression that he will get an awesome increment. And that happened but it didn’t met our expectation. Kind of half of it but we deserves the other half as well.

Node 1
M Nodes are right as well. So this is why the whole system is behaving very strangely.


At this point of time ENodes are being used over a single thread while it can open multiple light weight threads. So what options do we have in this case?

M Node n
Work as per your level or look for options.

Node 3
My current employer is fine in many other aspects its better to talk to them and clear my own system’s roadblock.

M Node n
I had a chat before but it didn’t came to any conclusion. But yes we will do that once again. There is no problem in doing that

E Node n
Anyhow its my responsibility now, as a single member I have to deal with it till the new version of the product gets stable. So M Nodes have to decide about our future. But current situation is kind of hectic so adding more E Nodes to the system will help.

Node 1
And how we can do that?

M Node n
We need budget to keep every E Node happy! (after all I am a human, so I do have such human tendencies)

All Nodes
Lets decide post chat!

This above little discussion is what I just had in my mind while writing this post.

E Nodes are related to your passion where as M Nodes decides your life style and comfort zones. All other nodes are just kind of validators which generates different sets of queries.

I know no one have as such any interest in knowing my system but still I wrote this for myself.

My blog, my time, my life.

Note: None of my words are related to any individual, I had just shared on the basis of my personal opinion. And we know opinions might differ!

Happy Blogging