How’s ASUS UX305CA on Linux for Web Development?

Hello readers, hope this will help you in deciding a light weight ultrabook, or if you had already bought an ASUS ultrabook and want to dual boot it then please follow along. I have been using MacBook Pro from last 8-10 months, its was provided by my ex-employer. The only difference I found using this […]

Spain Dashboard

A site built for Spanish government. Had worked thoroughly on JavaScript for this. For Maps and other objects Highcharts library was used. Live on: When I was with: Avalon Information Pvt. Ltd. Technologies Used: LAMP – (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) CakePHP, Highcharts, JQuery.

Raman Research Institute Online Ph.D Application

My first professional website built for handling Raman Research Institute’s online Ph.D applications. Came into existence in 2013, developed by me and maintained by Jacob Rajan & Krishna murthy (honorable members of system department of RRI).  This is the first online application used by RRI before that all the applicants used to follow the old […]