How do I plan and write CLI script

This article takes you from start to end of a regular official week in a Senior Software Engineer’s life, while working for one of my employer. It not only gives you detail around solving a technical problem, but also describes the thought process around decision making, and choosing the optimal way of doing it. Let […]

Gotta Workstation, checkout mine!

Update: Added AOC Agon AG271QX 27″ Gaming Monitor (QHD 2560×1440, Sync, 144Hz, 1ms, DisplayPort/HDMI/DVI-D/VGA, QuickSwitch keypad, VESA) & Bose  QuiteControl 30 to the setup. I have been using ultrabook(s) from last 3-4 years, mainly MacBook Pro (provided by employer(s)) and my personal ASUS UX305CA. Things with these machines are sleekness and ultra-portability. But it lags […]

How’s ASUS UX305CA on Linux for Web Development?

Hello readers, hope this will help you in deciding a light weight ultrabook, or if you had already bought an ASUS ultrabook and want to dual boot it then please follow along. I have been using MacBook Pro from last 8-10 months, its was provided by my ex-employer. The only difference I found using this […]

hmm, Platform Engineer?

This is not something which I can showcase in my projects section. So here’s a brief details of what I did as a Platform Engineer. Well this all had started from an opportunity message on LinkedIn from CEO of the company itself. Before that I had developed many online application for different client and companies […]

ASCII-MathJax – Angularjs – Beautify your mathematical expressions on an angular js based site!

Hello there, so you are tired of combining Mathjax and AngularJs for showing you formula in a beautiful format. This happens because we basically bind the formula on page load and not dynamic data-bind expression. Though there are examples available for this online but most of them are for MathJax with Latex as input. But […]