What I do?

Platform Engineer at Kayako, Gurgaon.

What I Love?

Programming, Music and Friends.

Where I put on?

Sector - 1, Pushp Vihar, New delhi.

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hmm, Platform Engineer?

This is not something which I can showcase in my projects section. So here's a brief details of what I…

An Internal WAR!

I think it happens with most of us, my target with this post is to let others know how you…

Introduction to Apache ZooKeeper

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A week before I had given  a small talk at 'Kayako' on Apache ZooKeeper - 'A Distributed Co-Ordination System'. Presentation…

About Me!

My Social/Professional Links: Git-Hub, Google+, LinkedIN, Facebook and YouTube Enthusiastic Web/Cloud Development professional with 3+ years (+1 more as part time .Net Trainer) experience.…